Flood Damage Restoration

We might not think flood damage is a common occurrence in San Diego, but it can take something as simple as a water pipe bursting or rain for your home to receive water damage. Alternatively, if your neighbor upstairs has a burst pipe, you can expect water damage to walls, ceiling, and floor, all of which will need restoration to avoid major damage.

If you’re caught off guard by flood damage in your home, then contact Brothers Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Our years of experience in flood damage restoration mean we can get the job done fast.

Our first step is to work out more about the water damage. Specifically, flood damage falls into 3 categories, and this determines the best treatment solution.

Category 1 – Clean water

This is exactly what it sounds like: water damage from something like a broken toilet tank or tap, or an overflowing sink. This category poses no health risk, but if left untreated it can become a category 2.

Category 2 – Gray water

You might have heard the term gray water before, which generally refers to slightly tainted water. This includes things like washing machine runoff, dishwasher waste water, or toilet water with only urine. Gray water can cause mild illness or discomfort if ingested.

Category 3 – Black water

Black water is generally most often contaminated by sewage or via a natural disaster. This must be treated immediately and can cause serious illness or death if consumed.

Working out the type of flood damage allows us to manage it in the best possible way. We start by extracting as much water as we can while also allowing as much to evaporate naturally. Next we use dehumidifiers to ensure all moisture is sucked out of carpets and walls, and then finally we perform temperature control to make sure the room is back to normal.

Our team uses specialist equipment – including thermal imaging and a hygrometer – to take daily readings, which allows us to effectively manage the spread of water damage. Finally we assist with the carpet restoration process to leave it in its pre-damage state.

We always respond immediately to flood damage call-outs. This helps us to minimize overall damage and control water migration at an early stage. Doing this reduces secondary damage and generally makes the restoration process easier. If you experience flood damage in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Brothers Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

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