Carpet Repair

Don't Replace Your Carpet! Repair It and Save $$$!

If your carpet is damaged then your first thought might be to simply have it replaced. This is obviously quite an expensive option, so it’s definitely worth seeing if it can be repaired instead. Not only is this better for the environment, it’s better for your pocket too!

Brothers specialize in carpet repair and we aim to save you as much money as possible by avoiding the option of replacement. We can assist with all types of carpet repair, including:

  • Pet damage
  • Seam repair
  • Transition strip damage
  • Stair carpet damage
  • Carpet stretching

It’s important to catch any damage early, however, as it can fast become a bigger issue in high traffic areas. If you’ve recently noticed some damage then contact Brothers Carpet. We’ll come and assess the damage to determine whether it can be repaired, and will then take care of everything for you.

Great Work Brothers Carpet! - Stephen G.
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